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Old Time Music - Events!

21. Old Time Musicians Meeting 3.-5. May 2019

We begin Friday 3. May from 18:00 h with an "Open Stage" in the "Gasthaus Abstreiter" in Wippenhausen. All Old Time, Bluegrass and related musicians, fans and listeners are welcome with free admission.

On Saturday, 4. May we will continue in the Streichholz-Schachtel, 85414 Wippenhausen playing music all day and enjoying food. This is for musicians only, registration is mandatory, because this part is private and the location is our house and garden.

For registration please mail us at:

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Please type our email adress into your mail program (we do not post any clickable email adresses in this website to prevent spamming).

Enthusiants will get a breakfast on Sunday 5. May in the Streichholz-Schachtel.

16. Oldtime Meeting 2014

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10. Anniversary Meeting 2008

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(click on the picture to see hear their greeting - avi format)
More impressions of the 10. Meeting 2008

We began Friday 2. May from 19:00 h in the Streichholz-Schachtel, 85414 Wippenhausen with a session. On Samstag, 3. Mai we continued there playing music all day and enjoying food. On Saturday 3. May 20:00 h we had a concert with Germany´s famous Oldtime Music group "Four Potatoes" in the cafe/bar "am Schlüter" in 85354 Freising. After the concert we had a big session with all musicians.

5. Anniversary Meeting 2003

In 2003 27 musicians were with us to play Oldtime and related music and exchange experiences and licks. Highlight of this event certainly was the session around the fireplace. With Christel the Oldtime community discovered a special, talented player and singer. For everybody who want to see and listen what they missed we have uploaded two small video clips (mpeg). (this takes some time to download, but may be nice as for memorizing this event as well).

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Old Joe Clark (5,3 MB)

Christel (3,7 MB)

More events on Old Time Music, Bluegrass, Folk and Acoustic Music are listed in the BlueNa Acoustic Music Database. Here, you can not only find events but post your own in a fully automated database to find your listeners!

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