Oldtime Music Meeting – general setup

In the past millennium Oldtime musicians in Germany sporadically met for jam sessions organized by “Hese” Schröter, until in 1999 Monika (playing classical violin and Bluegrass fiddle) and Rudi (actually a banjo playing Bluegrass enthusiast) invited for the first Oldtime Music Meeting in the present form to the Heartland of Bavaria.

Since that time the meeting is held in early May – from Friday evening to Sunday morning – and consists of two parts

  • musicians only jam session in the Streichholz-Schachtel –  the private home of Monika and Rudi in Wippenhausen – personal registration is mandatory for this part (no fee) – limitation may be possible as a result of limited space
  • one evening open stage – Bands and solists of the meeting perform for a pubic audience in varying bars and cafes

Accomodation is on the musicians own responsiblity (local pensions, hotels).

Monika and Rudi invite all musicians for free food and drinks – donations accepted.

For detailed information on the actual meeting please scroll down.

If you are a frequent participant you will receive information on the next meeting by email (if you keep your records updated). If you are newly interested to participate in this musicians meeting, please contact Rudi through the contact form for further information.

And, yes, Bluegrass musicians are welcome (who are open for Oldtime) and it would not be for the first time to hear some of us play Oldtime Jazz tunes late night …

For some impressions on these meetings see the slide show and movie. Click on it to open it in the lightroom for a better vieweing experience.

Oldtime Music Meeting – 2022

After two years of virus-induced abstinence, we are looking forward to hold the 2022 Oldtime Music Meeting at

6. – 8. May 2022

  • Friday 6. May – 16:00 hrs:  musicians only will meet in the Streichholz-Schachtel for jam session only – no audience
  • Saturday 7. May – all day: musicians only will meet in the Streichholz-Schachtel for jam session only – no audience
  • Saturday 7. May – 19:00: open stage – audience welcome (only if the weather is fine, because this will be held on the “Hillbilly Heaven Ranch“, which is Monika and Rudi´s private garden with a large log cabin
  • Sunday 8. May – breakfast meeting and goodbye


  • the 2022 arrangement differs from previous setups, as the open stage option is moved to Saturday. This shall enable “ad hoc” bands and develop “setlists” or a provisional program
  • independently of any vaccination or reconvalescence status all participants must be symptom-free and directly tested Corona-negative (antigen self test) before participation
  • For address and map please scroll down
  • for accomodation and subsistence please scroll up to see general settings

Open Stage

Music should not only be played for the players pleasure only but also for an audience. On the one side this provides a ppositive feedback and motivation for the player, and it can also attract new fans and even musicians. Therefore, we always met for an “Open Stage” event at the begin of the meeting to share our enthusiasm for Oldtime Music.

The “Open Stage”on Friday evenings was held in varying cafes, bars or restaurants in and around Freising. Among these were “Cafe Steinberger, “Cafe Bar Am Schlüter“, “Furtnerbräu“, or the “Gasthaus Abstreiter” in Wippenhausen. We have truely been looking forward to meet in the “Orangerie” in 2020, which was prevented by Corona.

Here are a few such impression from the “Open Stage”.

  • Cafe Bar Am Schlüter - 2013 - "high lonesome" fiddler

Session in the Streichholz-Schachtel

For the session Rudi and Monika invite all musicians to the Streichholz-Schachtel located in the heart of Bavaria

Wippenhauser Dorfstraße 26

85414 Kirchdorf an der Amper

The former shop for violins and other stringed instruments does not exist any more, but the house with wide balkony, terrace and garden offers many corners for the retrieval of different small groups, which re-form after a while in another setting and place.

Actually this translates twice from German to English and also from a  ambigous meaning of these words in German meaning. In this sense this litteraly translates to to “Matchbox” in the first glance, but actually the “match” is the bow and the “box” is the violin.

Here you can find a few impressions from the sessions in the Streichholz-Schachtel.

  • Balkon Session
    balkony session